Video and Animation

Kettenreaktion – „Zwei Brezeln, mit Kaffee!“

Sam is a likeable young man, making his way through the world with his ready smile as his calling card. But when he tries to buy pretzels in a bakery, he soon realizes that, without German skills, he can’t get what he wants.
A short animated film for the Goethe Institut’s online campaign. Summer 2014

Client: Goethe Institut Germany


Cafes La Estrella

I redraw and restored frame by frame this famous Coffee ad for one of the most successful Campaigns 2012 in Spain. It was an arduous  job but i had lots of fun doing it.

Client: Cafes La Estrella Agency: La Despensa Postproduction House: Daltons Digital


New Shoes

Animation clip i did for a song i also did. animation done testing the bone tools in Flash. Postproduction in After Effects.

Silly Whistle

Another short animation testing the bones tool in Flash. Actually i must say it’s a lousy tool with a lot of bugs. Old Moho was better i think it’s now called Anime Studio.

Animation Reel